Čiegus bálggis (2022)

Čiegus bálggis (2022)

Čiegus bálggis/Hidden Path: In the days of old, the Sámi people would say that we had to follow hidden paths to avoid those who want to harm us.
There is a parallel to how the Sámi identity went on a hidden path during the hard Norwegian
assimilation process. Now, generations of Sámi live with shame and deny their heritage, the
painful story of many indigenous people in this world.
In the interdisciplinary production Hidden Path, the cliché of indigenous heritage is questioned
along with the problem of not being “Sámi enough”. How can this be fixed? How do we
“unshame”? Using a combination of Sámi joik music, poetry, contemporary dance, contemporary
circus, music and projections, this production tells a story about assimilation, shame, identity and

On stage:
Aerial acrobatics and poetry: Camilla Therese Karlsen(Sápmi/ Berlin)
Contemporary dance and hair hang: Gerd Kaisa Vorren (Sápmi/ Oslo)
Performer: Raul Vargas Torres (Bogotá/ Berlin)
Joik: Torgeir Vassvik (Sápmi)
Music: Tommy Jansen (Oslo)

Creative Team:
Playwright: Camilla Therese Karlsen
Dramaturge: Mari Moen (Oslo)
Composers: Tommy Jansen and Torgeir Vassvik
Choreography: Maria Marta Colusi (Argentina/ Berlin)
Light design: Øystein Heitmann (Sápmi)
Costume design: Anne Berit Anti (Sápmi)
Sound tech: Eivind Storhaug (Sápmi)
English translation: Camilla Therese Karlsen with support from Daniel Brunet (ET Berlin)

Co-production: Riksscenen (Oslo), Dramatikkens Hus (Oslo), Oyoun (Berlin)
Produced with support from: Sámediggi, Dáiddáfoanda, FrittOrd!, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Norsk, Kulturfond, Figurteateret i Nordland, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere.