Achterbahn is a physical theater performance inspired by the myth of Penthesilea and certain glimpses of intimacy from Selina and Raúl. The performers explore the realm of the power structures within a love relationship. Focusing in some aspects such as: the sense of competition and cooperation, interculturality,  in a continuum swirling.

Could we conceive new paradigms within love and togetherness? a sort of interaction and cooperation of bodies and singularities ?

Achterbahn is a fight against culture and possession, a fight for love, an impossible encounter.


Performer: Selina Thüring and Raúl Vargas T.

Concept: Selina Thüring

Musica: Selina Thüring

Text: Raúl Vargas T.

Created at: Small projects, Kulta and Radstua Theater, Troms, Norway.

Premiere: Roxy Theater, Basel, CH. (2016)